Apr 27, 2022

Project Spotlight: Wild Blossom Boulevard Improvements

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To accommodate recent growth in the area, FOCUS worked with Saratoga Springs City to design a traffic signal and a High-Intensity Activated Crosswalk beacon (HAWK) signal along Wild Blossom Boulevard. The boulevard intersects with busy Mountain View Corridor. 

Drawing on our significant experience designing traffic signal systems, FOCUS transportation engineers designed a full traffic signal at the intersection of Wild Blossom Boulevard and Chanti Street. About a half mile to the west of this intersection is a major trail crossing. Initially it was determined a HAWK signal was needed to stop traffic and allow pedestrians to safely cross. After discussion with City engineering staff, project manager Jason Watson determined that due to the lower speed limit and minimal lanes, a Rectangular Rapid Flashing Beacon (RRFB) better met the roadway conditions. Used in conjunction with pedestrian warning signs, the RRFB consists of two yellow LED indicators. When activated, they flash with high frequency and a brighter light intensity to increase driver awareness of pedestrians at crossings.

With the shift in design, FOCUS directed their efforts to clearly communicating the difference between the two traffic control devices and building consensus with key stakeholders. The team worked through the design review process with both Saratoga Springs and a third-party consultant, addressing the comments of both reviewers in a collaborative way. 

The transportation team designed the appropriate radar detection at this signal, along with pedestrian push buttons and indications to all meet ADA requirements for placement. The signal includes radar detection and appropriate signal equipment to match the roadway conditions (striping, roadway lane configuration, lane alignment). Both the full traffic signal at Chanti Street and the RRFB at the trail crossing were designed to meet Utah Department of Transportation (UDOT) standards with the appropriate signal heads, wiring, pole design, and layout.

FOCUS also worked closely with the City and UDOT to design the Advanced Traffic Management System (ATMS) to connect the signal at Chanti Street with the signals along Mountain View Corridor. When constructed, this connection will link the traffic signal into UDOT’s system so the intersection can be monitored and adjusted to minimize traffic congestion and improve safety in this growing area.