1300 East Townhomes 3-plex & 7-plex

This structural project included two townhome dwellings comprised of a three-plex and a seven-plex. There were some opportunities for creative structural design due to the architectural layout. Design included cantilevered floors all over the buildings, many of them above garage beams. This was a timber-framed project but a lot of steel beams were required to enhance design and actually reduce cost. Focus Engineering & Surveying’s

Structural team helped the architect and builder understand the best way to optimize space planning in order to minimize cost. Due to the grading of the site, the structural team worked with the designer to come up with a cost-effective construction method for stepping the building from one unit to the next to meet the site grading requirements.

Client Jason Barker Design and Brett Jansson
Location Sandy, UT
Project Duration October 2015 – August 2017
Services Civil Engineering Design, Boundary Topography Survey, Structural Engineering