4th West Apartments Multi-Family Residential

Construction Staking 4th West Apartments Multi-Family Housing Salt Lake City, Utah

4th West is a 493-unit apartment development just north of The Gateway in downtown Salt Lake City between 300 North and 200 North along 400 West. 

REL Development hired Focus Engineering & Surveying to complete an ALTA Survey and feasibility study of the subject property.  This study assisted them in their due diligence process for this large project.

Ultimately, Focus Engineering & Surveying was also chosen to complete the preliminary and final site civil engineering for the project. As a very urban redevelopment infill property, it presented challenges with existing infrastructure and rights-of-way configuration. With such a large footprint, it also presented challenges in our final grading as there is about 10’ of fall on the property from the east to the west. 

Focus Engineering & Surveying had to take special care to grade the property to meet the client’s needs for the intent of use while maintaining a cost effective grading design.

Client REL Development
Location Salt Lake City, UT
Project Duration Spring 2014 – Fall 2016
Services Civil Engineering, Mass Grading Design, ALTA/Boundary Topography Survey, Construction Staking