Butterfield Creek

As part of the Hidden Oaks master planned development in Herriman City, FOCUS re-designed approximately 1.7 miles of Butterfield Creek to contain the 100 year flood plain with the creek. Due to farming operations and previous flooding, the creek was non-existent through the property, creating flooding potential and lack of control for historic flows.

FOCUS designed a new open channel that would contain the 100 year flow throughout the site. The channel was designed with a low flow section for normal storm events and a high flow section for major events. The channel also included 4 culvert sections for future street crossings and 12 open-channel drop sections to manage channel velocity within the recommended range. FOCUS coordinated approval through the city, county, and state, and also assisted in gaining approval through FEMA.

Client Herriman City
Location Herriman, Utah
Project Duration 2018 - 2021
Services Civil Engineering