SR-87 and County Road Improvements

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SR-87 and County Road is located at mile post 7.6, which services a landfill and oil refinery. Large trucks regularly turning off SR-87 onto the county road were constrained by an existing power pole on the intersection corner, forcing the trucks to make a very wide turn and drive into the oncoming traffic lane.

Working within the constraints of a limited budget, no ground survey data, and a narrow right-of-way, FOCUS used an aerial survey to design and cost appropriate improvements.

Potential solutions, including widening SR-87 to add right and left turn lanes and an acceleration lane in both north- and southbound directions, exceeded the project budget. Through coordination with UDOT and Duchesne County, the decision was made to shift the county road north, away from the power pole, and create a new intersection. While some additional right-of-way was needed, the design solution significantly
improved road safety.

Client Utah Department of Transportation
Location Duchesne County, Utah
Project Duration Concept Plan: March - June 2021 Design: September 2022 - May 2023
Services Transportation Engineering Survey