Feb 19, 2024

Staff Spotlight: FAA-Certified Drone Pilots

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Meet the FAA Certified Drone Pilots at FOCUS Engineering & Surveying

At FOCUS Engineering and Land Surveying, our commitment to cutting-edge technology is exemplified with FAA-certified drone pilots on our staff. Having skilled professionals with expertise in unmanned aerial vehicles significantly enhances our capabilities and brings unparalleled benefits to our clients.

Benefits of Drone Technology

The integration of drone technology allows us to capture high-resolution aerial imagery, conduct surveys with increased accuracy and efficiency, and provide a comprehensive view of project sites. This strategic utilization of drones elevates the precision of our surveying services. It also enhances our marketing initiatives, enabling us to present projects in a visually compelling manner. The FAA-certified drone pilots at FOCUS embody our dedication to innovation. They ensure we deliver top-tier solutions that meet and exceed the evolving needs of our clients.

Our FAA-Certified Drone Pilots

Chad Price, a land surveying Crew Chief at FOCUS for the past three years, brings an impressive seven-year total of professional surveying experience. With a keen eye for detail and a commitment to excellence, Chad is also a certified FAA drone pilot. He utilizes drone technology to enhance project outcomes and deliver innovative solutions to clients.

A few recent projects he has completed using drone technology include:

– aerial and topographic surveys on over 500 acres of Weber Stream farmland in West Haven, Utah

– improvements to UTA Bus Stops throughout Salt Lake, Davis, and Weber Counties, Utah

– using drone aerial techniques for the new Hidden Valley subdivision in Eagle Mountain, Utah, which helped determine the optimal subdivision layout in challenging locale

Tim Atwood, offers over five years of land surveying experience at FOCUS. For the past four years, Tim has held an FAA drone pilot certificate, helping him deliver outstanding projects and client service.

Recent experience utilizing drone technology includes:

– capturing aerial control images of Sawmill Subdivision, Heber City, Utah while under construction and creating detailed topographical data and identifying utilities progress

– creating topographical data at Falcon Ridge Elementary School South Parcel, West Jordan, Utah to design a future phase of Copper Rim subdivision

– producing aerial imagery of a difficult-to-survey metal scrap yard at Axel Park Road, West Valley, Utah

Carson Griffin, a member of the construction staking team, also offers FAA drone certification. He spearheads the use of drone technology on construction staking for various projects across the Wasatch Front. Drone footage and aerial controls have been a particularly effective tool to stake the location of construction improvements on numerous site development projects. They also assist in the certification of earthwork quantities on numerous residential, commercial, and public construction sites.

Bryce Benson, Marketing Director at FOCUS, has a 29-year career in marketing and public relations. As a certified FAA drone pilot for the past two years, Bryce has utilized drones in a variety of ways:

– capturing aerial imagery of projects at various stages of construction—these showcase the transformation from raw ground to finished product

– obtaining aerial photos of intersection improvement projects throughout Utah, which showcases a comprehensive project view of the full intersection layout—results not easily captured from the ground.

– using drones for both still photos and video of projects on large sites, such as the Holbrook Industrial site in Lehi, Utah which encompassed four large industrial warehouse buildings and access roads

Bryce’s extensive experience, coupled with his innovative use of drone technology for marketing purposes, has positioned FOCUS Engineering and Surveying as forward-thinking, visually dynamic engineering and land surveying consultants.