Jul 15, 2019

The Focus Mission

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Since our founding in 2007, Focus Engineering & Surveying has focused on hiring talented, creative team members who possess a desire to be a part of something better both as an individual and a company. With a goal of continual improvement, we recently came together to articulate a new mission statement to guide our efforts in consistently delivering better service for our clients and offering a better place to work.

Our mission is a simple one: to keep FOCUS clients happy.

Our mission statement outlines our values – breaking down the what, who, why, where and how we accomplish our goals.

Our definition of “client” is broad. It’s the Utah owners, contractors, municipalities, consultants and associates we coordinate with as we do our daily work. As a full-service civil engineering firm, any one of our engineers, surveyors, landscape architects or civil design technicians interacts with external clients daily. We are committed to doing all we can to ensure a client is happy with the services we provide and trust us to complete their projects in a timely and efficient manner.

The term “client “also extends to our fellow coworkers. A high level of service is dependent upon those who provide services to others within our own walls … to one’s own team, department or another part of our 75-person firm. We’re committed to supporting each other to become the best we can.

How do we accomplish our mission? We employ the Hedgehog Concept. It’s based on a Greek parable that “the fox knows many things, but the hedgehog knows one big thing.” In the parable, the fox tries many ways to try to catch the hedgehog. Yet every time, the fox is defeated. The fox never learns that the hedgehog knows how to do one thing well: defend itself. Philosophers and writers have applied this parable to the modern world. The fox pursues many goals in a scattered, unfocused way; while the hedgehog has purpose and a single vision.

Our Hedgehog Concept is straightforward: We become the best at customer service by being passionate about the success of our clients and by working efficiently, honestly and collaboratively. It seems like a lofty goal. And we know we may fail a time or two. But the key point is we never give up when we fall short. We are passionate about the success of our clients and view it as essential to survive as a company in this profession.

Being the best at customer service isn’t simply about separating ourselves from our competitors. It’s about the pride we take in our work. We love what we do!