Jan 27, 2021

Tim Atwood | Crew Chief

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Tim Atwood became interested in Surveying through his father-in-law, a Surveyor. And now, Tim is making moves here at FOCUS. After less than two years as a Survey Rodman, Tim was recently promoted to a Crew Chief. As part of this new role, Tim mentors his direct reports to maximize their potential while also providing quality assurance reviews of technical project information. To be successful as a Crew Chief at FOCUS, Tim says, requires patience and impeccable communication skills. Fortunately, these are skills Tim possesses. Clients and colleagues value his positive attitude and his intuitive responses to people’s moods and emotions.

Tim has fully embraced this new opportunity and continues to challenge himself to live up to his own expectations he has of himself. Congratulations, Tim! We have no doubt you will do great things to serve our clients in your new leadership role.