Apr 21, 2023

Meet Transportation Intern Moise Tchivwila

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Meet Moise Tchivwila, a transportation intern at FOCUS. Moise got connected with FOCUS at a Utah Valley University career fair. “One of the things that attracted me to working with FOCUS was the collaboration within and between the different departments. Everyone is so happy to help you and see you succeed at whatever you do, and that’s the kind of environment I want to work in,” said Moise.

Typical projects for Moise include traffic impact studies, traffic counts, traffic analysis, and roadway design, as well. His most memorable project was his first project, providing traffic distribution modeling for improvements to the Karcher and Middleton intersection in Nampa, Idaho.

“Transportation is one of the fields that fascinates me because of its role and contribution to the growth and development of society,” Moise said. “One of the things I enjoy most about my job is knowing that my work is about providing people with services they need on a daily basis.”

As an important member of the FOCUS transportation team, Moise appreciates the strengths in communication and devotion that exists. He said, “As a team, for each project we work on, the success of the project and of every team member is not a ‘need’ but a ‘must’. We help each other as teammates so everyone has what they need to succeed because their success is the department’s success, and ultimately, the client’s success.”