Oct 11, 2019

Tui Siliva | Vertical Engineering Project Manager

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Focus Engineering & Surveying’s Vertical Engineering Department is proud to announce the promotion of Tui Siliva as Project Manager. Tui joined Focus in 2017, not long after we expanded our services to include vertical engineering for single-family homes. “The timing couldn’t have been better,” recalls Tui. “I applied for a position in the Vertical Engineering Department after completing a year of employment as a contract CAD designer.” Tui graduated from Southern Utah University with a bachelor’s degree in CAD/CAM.

The department and Tui have grown together to become clients’ local one-stop shop for site, grading, and drainage plans along with drafting support to architects and home designers. “At any one time I manage two to 12 site plans,” he says. “Regardless of the workload, my focus is on keeping Focus clients happy by delivering clear, detailed plans that meet city requirements and client deadlines.”

Department Manager Jason Barker notes Tui’s keen attention to detail, consistency, and patience. Clients and coworkers find him engaging, approachable and friendly. It’s a great combination of skills that provide a solid foundation for a successful project manager.