Aug 6, 2019

Making the Cut: FOCUS Selected in UDOT Surveying Pool

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The team at FOCUS feels very proud to be a part of Utah Department of Transportation’s three-year pool of surveying project consultants. Even though this will be our first time working directly with UDOT on survey mapping, we feel confident with the experience Focus has in our surveying department, to be a top option for UDOT.

“We’re qualified because of our particular experience creating and designing right-of-ways for our existing clients” explains Jeff Bennett, Marketing Coordinator. “We’ve had plenty of projects working with UDOT through other engineering projects. Even when it’s not UDOT related, we’re still connecting local streets to collector and arterial roads that fall under UDOT jurisdiction.”

FOCUS’ experience includes dozens of projects ranging from a roadway survey and right-of-way for Holbrook Farms in Lehi to the boundary and topography survey for South Weber. For the latter project, FOCUS used SR-60 to establish a right-of-way of South Weber Drive to determine overall boundary and feasibility of the site.

Beyond experience, our team knows that we will assist UDOT’s Right of Way (ROW) Team in optimizing mobility on Utah roads. Our use of cutting-edge technology and our highly qualified team will help UDOT preserve high-priority transportation corridors.

We are honored to be involved in this group of consultants. We always strive to provide lasting value to our clients, especially in this instance as the true clients are Utah drivers.