Mar 6, 2021

Wade Edwards, EIT | Jr. Project Manager | Site Civil Department

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Wade Edwards first learned about construction at a young age while working on his family’s home addition. That experience instilled a desire in him to learn more about the design-build industry, so after some research, he knew that he would major in civil engineering at college. His love for design and building—and his attention to detail—is why Wade was recently promoted to Junior Project Manager at FOCUS.

One of the most noticeable changes in his new role is an increased level of communication with his FOCUS and consultant teammates to ensure that responsibilities are well defined and schedules are clearly conveyed. He also is responsible for ensuring clients are well informed about their project’s progress. Another skill Wade brings to his new role is his experience with innovative storm drain design for Low Impact Development (LID).

When asked about other skills that he brings to his new role, Wade responded, “My ability to compartmentalize issues allows me to stay focused on the task at hand and not let them impact my ability to manage several projects at a time.” Wade is a valued member of the FOCUS team and we can’t wait to see how his career continues to develop.