Sep 15, 2020

We’re Working with UDOT

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FOCUS Engineering & Surveying Earns UDOT Prequalification

As a multi-disciplined engineering firm with access to the expertise and resources of over 85 professionals, FOCUS Engineering & Surveying (FOCUS) has earned the prequalification of five General Engineering Services Pools with the Utah Department of Transportation (UDOT). We have a team of 10 licensed professionals that are capable of designing roadways, analyzing traffic conditions, traffic signal design, forecasting traffic conditions, designing drainage, surveying, obtaining and mapping right-of-way, structural engineering, construction staking, providing conceptual design and layouts, landscape design, utility coordination and design, and project management. Our staff has worked with UDOT and other local agencies in a variety of capacities for more than 25 years.

FOCUS is UDOT prequalified for:

  • Preconstruction Engineering
  • Traffic Signal & Roadway Lighting
  • Survey
  • Right of Way
  • Unmanned Aerial Systems

The professionals at FOCUS have a proven track record on hundreds of projects in which we have worked with UDOT. The firm’s Transportation Department Manager, Jason Watson, has a reputation with UDOT Project Managers for completing projects on time and on budget. “We know the UDOT process for design,” states Watson. “We have implemented and we understand the UDOT Standards and Specifications.” He continues, “We are uniquely qualified to reach the best design solutions for these pool projects, having the experience and capability to streamline project management processes to deliver cost-effective and creative designs.”

UDOT requires an extensive application process to be considered and then determined to meet the standards for each prequalified services contract. In reviewing FOCUS’s detailed UDOT applications, they display a wide range of project experience for clients throughout the state, giving evidence to the firm’s in-depth experience, diverse skill set, and prioritization of communication and collaboration.

Our staff has worked with UDOT and other local agencies in a variety of capacities for more than 25 years. Our goal is to make our clients successful. In order to achieve our goal, we make it our top priority to know and understand what our clients need. We know that communication is one of the top concerns that UDOT Project Managers have and why a project could fail. For this reason, we make communication and collaboration our top priority.

Additionally, our team knows that we will assist UDOT’s Right of Way (ROW) Team in optimizing mobility on Utah roads. Our use of cutting-edge technology and our highly qualified team will help UDOT preserve high-priority transportation corridors. We always strive to provide lasting value to our clients, especially in this instance as the true clients are Utah drivers.