Apr 12, 2023

Our Company Culture: What it means to be PLATINUM

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Our 2023–2024 Theme: PLATINUM

Over our 16-year history, FOCUS has distinguished itself as a firm driven by continual improvement. A passion to consistently deliver better service for our clients and offer a better place to work pushes each of us every day. Every two years, we select a theme for the firm, providing a collaborative objective that encourages our entire firm to pull together and succeed. Our 2023–2024 theme is PLATINUM.

The quest to become the best at customer service doesn’t happen by chance. Rather, it happens by choice and change. As a goal-driven and value-based firm, it is our Core Ideology and company culture to think about more than just the “what” but also about the “how” of exceeding our potential.

How the properties of platinum relate to our team, clients, and client service

Platinum has properties which are very relatable to the FOCUS mindset and culture. These properties provide the ideal to bring out the best in our work:


Platinum is capable of great deformation without breaking when subject to compressive stress. In an industry full of processes, procedures, and deadlines, the ability to achieve our clients’ vision in the face of challenges can be difficult. And it is what sets us apart as engineers. Customer service comes first and foremost, and we seek to be malleable for our clients.

Bonds Easily

As a transitional element, platinum bonds easily to other metals. In this industry, it pays to have trustworthy, reliable relationships. Building these types of relationships takes time, care, and sustained frequency. The key to our success in bonding easily is threefold: firstly, listening to our clients and partners; secondly, communicating effectively and consistently;  and finally, applying those communications to our work with respectful consistency.

Antineoplastic Properties

Put simply, platinum-based drugs stop bad things from expanding and growing in our bodies. Because of its life-saving antineoplastic properties, platinum is commonly found in medications to treat cancer. At FOCUS, we will protect and maintain the relationships we work hard to build. This requires attentive teamwork, mindful communication, integrity and responsibility, and prompt application—all on top of the expert engineering that is our profession.

Resistant to Corrosion

Platinum is classified as a noble metal. As such, it is unreactive to outside elements and will not tarnish, corrode or rust over time. We strive for this type of nobility by not letting potentially corrosive elements such as frustrating situations and unrealistic expectations or deadlines compromise our integrity. In all of our client interactions, maintaining the highest level of integrity will help us remain untarnished. As such, we will be the truly noble partner our clients want and need.

High Melting and Boiling Points

It takes very high temperatures to melt platinum, and it’s nearly impossible to boil. Our goal is to reach a point where all the struggles and challenges we encounter throughout our work will not affect us negatively. We will achieve this through our passion for client success. When we put our clients’ needs ahead of any struggle, we can weather even the most trying challenges.

Highly Valuable, Desirable, and Rare

Platinum is found deep within the earth and is difficult obtain. Consequently, it is one of the most highly valuable, desirable, and rare elements. The FOCUS company culture is rare and requires an exceptional amount of effort to practice. Like mining for platinum, we will have to dig deep personally and as a team to achieve the desired results. The value of our efforts will be undeniable, and we have the passion to become as desirable as platinum. Most importantly, we want to become a company that is seen as valuable to our clientele, to each other, and to the communities in which we work.

Through the properties of platinum—and how they directly relate to our company culture—we aim to become more platinum-like in all the interactions we have with our clients.

PLATINUM isn’t about perfection or being the best. It’s about digging deeper and being our best. As we persevere in our progress, we will see increased client satisfaction, opportunities, personal and company improvement, and a spirit of success.

In short, we look forward to being PLATINUM together.