Jan 8, 2024

Not Just Points in the Ground: The Importance of Customer Service in Construction Staking

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At FOCUS, our Construction Staking department takes customer service seriously. Oftentimes the importance of quality construction staking is under-valued. But having the right, experienced survey crews staking a project can make a huge difference.

FOCUS survey crews approach construction staking as a consulting and advisory role. They assist clients with the best outcome as plans begin to unfold in the real world and construction begins. “We know that the value of construction staking goes beyond marking points and placing stakes in the ground,” said Cory Thompson, a junior project manager at FOCUS.

Construction staking involves setting out reference points and markers to guide construction activities according to the plans and specifications. A few key ingredients to the FOCUS approach include understanding the client’s goals for the project, timely completion, resolving problems in the field quickly, and being adaptable.

Understanding Project Goals

For success, surveyors must have a deep understanding of the construction project and the client’s needs and goals. Good customer service facilitates open communication, allowing surveyors to gather relevant information and address client concerns or questions.

Timely, Responsive Completion

Efficient customer service aids in the timely completion of staking tasks. And quick response times ensure that any adjustments or modifications can be made promptly, reducing costs and delays in the construction schedule.

Problem Resolution and Adaptability

Effective customer service provides a mechanism for identifying and resolving issues in the field promptly. This can include addressing discrepancies between plans and site conditions or responding to unforeseen challenges or changes that may occur simply due to the dynamic nature of construction.

At FOCUS, we believe customer service is integral to the success of survey construction staking. An open line of communication, a commitment to meeting client needs, and being timely, responsive, adaptable, and resourceful consultants and problem-solvers contribute to the best outcomes. As Thompson says, “The final product isn’t the stakes in the ground, it’s the success of the client’s project.”