Blueprint for Success: Communication Throughout an Engineering Project

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In the dynamic world of engineering, complex structures rise and creative solutions evolve. A conversation with Brad Mason, P.E., Structural Engineering Department Manager at FOCUS, provides some valuable insight into the important and integral role of communication throughout the life of an engineering project. Project Inception Communication serves as the blueprint of any successful engineering […]

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Design Matters: Commercial Development in Utah and Idaho Communities

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Embracing Collaboration and Communication According to Forbes, commercial development drives roughly 21 percent of all nonresidential construction in the United States. Commercial development is broad. Forbes’ definition includes retail, restaurants, warehouses, and wholesale facilities. Other commercial development entities also factor in office, healthcare, and education. All these types of projects provide a great benefit to […]

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The Importance of Teamwork – Now and Always

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How our engineering, surveying, and support teams all work together to forge a new normal When it became clear the COVID-19 pandemic was going to have a significant impact on our professional and personal lives, FOCUS leadership quickly gathered to plan and prepare for changes we didn’t yet fully understand. General Manager Ron Paul and […]

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