Jun 11, 2021

Employee of the Month April 2021

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Winner: Cole Finan
Nominated by Connor Llewelyn

Cole has shown that he can do hard things. He has shown that he can adapt and overcome challenges that he faces. I nominate Cole for EOM because of his 100% mentality. I am very happy with the changes he has made in the CS layout TEAM. He is creating a program with his TEAM that is driven by FOCUS’ core ideology. They are is changing and shaping the way that layout is done and creating QA/QC protocols while they do it. Cole 100% deserves EOM.

Nominated by John Partin

Cole always give a 100% of himself to his TEAM. He is always willing to give the extra effort to complete the tasks at hand. He also is always looking to improve our processes and talk out new ideas to improve EFFICIENCY. He is always there to help his TEAM as well as pushing them to learn and develop confidence in their abilities. Cole gives 100% of himself every day. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!


Runner-Up: Ryan Hopkins
Nominated by John Lee

Ryan is 100% dedicated to his work and passionate in helping out his TEAM. He has a consistent positive attitude about his clients and his projects here at FOCUS. He has recently completed an Ivory Project in an efficient and impressive amount of time that met the standards of his client. He goes out of his way to check up regularly on his TEAM in order to answer questions and concerns that may arise during others’ tasks and projects. I have noticed from the times I have stayed late to complete tasks for a project, Ryan is almost always there doing the same. He takes on the utmost responsibility to meet deadlines and ensures quality in his work to meet the standards of a great employee here at FOCUS.