Jun 1, 2022

Employee of the Month April 2022

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Winner: Annika Tolley
Nominated by Chad Price

Annika has been a solid and important member of the survey Field Crew. She has shown 100% TEAM in her loyalty and dedication to the survey team. She is a great example of CONSTANT IMPROVEMENT AND GROWTH and has really stepped into her role as Crew Chief in the Survey Department. She has shown 100% in BEST AT CUSTOMER SERVICE and PASSION FOR CLIENT SUCCESS in the improved quality of work we have seen in general from the field, and she has been instrumental in that improvement. Vote For Annika! She definitely deserves it.


Runner-Up: Matt Christensen
Nominated by Mariah Paez

Matt has really put an emphasis on COMMUNICATION with his clients and demonstrated his PASSION FOR CLIENTS SUCCESS through that COMMUNICATION. Matt has been working on a few projects he inherited that had quite a bit of AR90-120+. Matt communicated with both of these clients to see where the missing link was to getting these invoices paid.  For one of the clients, we were addressing the invoices to the wrong entity. Matt was able to get clear direction on how to address the invoices to ensure we were meeting the clients requirements and expectations. We had the invoices adjusted and the client was able to get a check sent out for over $20k in AR for a few different departments here at FOCUS! With the other client, Matt worked hard to get together a project summary that referenced the proposal and other documents needed per the client’s request, and we are currently working on getting this client what they require. Matt has demonstrated excellent COMMUNICATION, PASSION FOR CLIENT (and project) SUCCESS, and BEING THE BEST AT CUSTOMER SERVICE by stretching himself to get what the client needs. He deserves EOM!