Oct 20, 2021

Employee of the Month August 2021

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Winner: John Partin
Nominated by Cole Finan

Well Big John, it’s your time to shine. John has not wasted any time since he’s been at FOCUS. He hit the ground running and has yet to slow down. For those of you who know John, you’re already very aware that John’s intent is to get the work done correctly, efficiently, and with a smile. John is consistently improving our TEAM‘s processes by giving great suggestions and feedback. Lately, John has been making an incredible effort at showing his PASSION FOR CLIENT SUCCESS. He’s been putting himself in uncomfortable situations because he’s aware that they will stretch him and allow him to grow. It’s workin’, bud. By utilizing lessons learned from these uncomfortable situations, John’s COMMUNICATION skills have truly blossomed with both internal and external clients. John is 100% dedicated to the TEAM. He routinely comes in early or stays late (sometimes both) to keep our TEAM on track with our workload. His work ethic is contagious, and it inspires our team to match it. John embodies the FOCUS Culture in all aspects of his work. He challenges himself, makes sure our CLIENTS ARE HAPPY, and does whatever it takes to put us above the competition. Thank you for being such a great TEAM player, John.


Runner-Up: Justin Wapshott
Nominated by Matt Merrill

Justin has been with us for almost two years, and he has been a TEAM player from the beginning. Justin shows PASSION FOR CLIENT SUCCESS on a daily basis, whether he is mentoring new employees or working with the PMs in SC—he is always demonstrating EXTREME OWNERSHIP and keeping our CLIENTS HAPPY. Justin has taken on new responsibilities in the last month managing new projects, and he is absolutely knocking it out of the park. Vote for Justin for EOM.