Sep 28, 2022

Employee of the Month August 2022

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Winner: Matt Christensen
Nominated by Park Sorenson

Matt needs to be recognized for the great work he is doing. Curtis and I do completed project follow-up touches with contractors and Dev. PMs. Curtis recently reached out to Cody with CJ Trucking. He is the Const. PM on a couple Shawn Holste projects in Grantsville. He had lots of great things to say about Matt’s plans and how much better they are compared to others that he works with. He is also very impressed with the amount of time and effort he put into creating great plans. This includes the QAQC reviews/peer reviews and attributed that to the reason his projects didn’t have any issues. This was really great to hear about one of our up-and-coming PMs. Matt has consistently used QAQC on his projects and his 100% effort and EXTREME OWNERSHIP is showing in the success of his projects. Keep it up Matt. You are doing great things!


Runner-Up: Christian Broberg
Nominated by Jamie Esjay

Christian has been someone who I have looked up to since I have started here at FOCUS. His knowledge and PASSION FOR CLIENT SUCCESS at FOCUS has resonated throughout his work. I have seen his true CUSTOMER SERVICE for our external clients by going the extra mile in every interaction—from genuine interest in our client’s life details to driving out of his way to create a personal connection. He not only collects the data with great COMMUNICATION, but he always makes sure he understands the why behind it. Christian has also shown his true leadership in his PASSION FOR MY SUCCESS. Taking his time to pass on his knowledge and ensure that I understand every detail. Never Hesitating to help and always open to feedback. Taking EXTREME OWNERSHIP of every project that gets passed along. His COMMUNICATION with our clients will BUILD A BETTER PLACE here at FOCUS.

Nominated by Ashley Eatough

Christian is always willing to help any client who calls FOCUS to the best of his ability. There have been a few projects this month where the clients keep pulling him back and forth. He handles this seemingly with ease. Even through working with tougher clients he is able to help them in the best way we are able to. He goes above and beyond to help ensure that his TEAM has all of the information they need for the projects they are working on. He also reminds his teammates of errors they make in the most helpful of ways to help streamline the process of projects.