Jan 30, 2023

Employee of the Month December 2022

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Winner: Collette Davis
Nominated by Jamie Esjay

Collette is the definition of providing great CUSTOMER SERVICE. We have all experienced her positive attitude and willingness to help in anyway. She makes every client she interacts with feel like they are number one priory. Giving 100% in any interaction and taking EXTREME OWNERSHIP in getting the tasks at hand done. She is not afraid to ask questions and express herself to the people around her. She has an amazing skill to pass along client information and make sure that the importance is passed along as well, ensuring we have HAPPY CLIENTS, both internal and external.

Nominated by Christian Broberg

Collette Davis has gone above and beyond this month, and many months before displaying the tenets of CUSTOMER SERVICE and COMMUNICATION. Recently when scanning a project’s files and information into the computer, she used a critical eye and thought the folder could be missing information. She was immediate in COMMUNICATING this concern with me and made sure she had all the paperwork required. Anyone would have been happy with the folder scanned, but I was blown away by the attentiveness and care she took by even the simplest job to ensure that she was providing the BEST CUSTOMER SERVICE and fulfilled her internal clients’ request to perfection. This is EXTREME OWNERSHIP; this is the level of CUSTOMER SERVICE I hope to match when serving our clients. Vote Collette for employee of the month!


Runner-Up: Akhil Konegari
Nominated by Steve Ostler

Akhil is always willing to step up and help the TEAM. He has a great attitude, and EXTREME OWNERSHIP comes very naturally to him. He has amazing CUSTOMER SERVICE skills, and keeps CLIENTS HAPPY with his level of COMMUNICATION and coordination. Over the last few months, Akhil has had a heavy workload and although juggling multiple projects, he was able to keep his CLIENTS HAPPY by hitting their deadlines and using proactive COMMUNICATION. He has great attention to detail, and is always asking questions due to his thirst for knowledge and experience. He has been able to learn a lot of challenging concepts well due to this thirst. Akhil is a go getter and a vital part of our TEAM. We are lucky to have him and appreciate all he does. Akhil deserves your vote for EOM. Vote for Akhil!

Nominated by Lynn Gray

I’ve been working with Akhil on a large structural project. To get it done has required careful coordination from him, and long hours. He was willing to do what needed to be done to get this job done, staying late many nights. Through it all, I have been impressed with his HIGH LEVEL of COMMUNICATION. Akhil applies 100% of himself to FOCUS’ focus on COMMUNICATION. I have heard him COMMUNICATING clearly with his clients, even when there are uncomfortable conversations to be had. He is quick to look in the mirror and take responsibility for things, showing INTEGRITY, but his focus is on solving problems. In this way, he shows PASSION FOR CLIENT SUCCESS, too.