Apr 15, 2021

Employee of the Month February 2021

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Winner:  Brett Dumas
Nominated by Mariah Paez

Brett has recently started taking on the role of billing and project management. He’s learning so much about how to be an effective biller and invoice his clients correctly. Not only is he giving 100% to ensure the CLIENT is HAPPY, but he also gives 100% CUSTOMER SERVICE to the accounting department at the very beginning of a project. Brett is always so thorough when requesting accounting to set up a new project and ensures we have all the information needed to get the project set up correctly. Brett excels in providing accounting with lot counts, acreage, project location, client billing information, and so much more. This really helps accounting provide accurate reporting for our departments as well as invoice clients correctly to ensure CLIENT HAPPINESS at the billing stage. Brett is crushing it! Great job, Brett.


Runner-Up:  Matt Hakes
Nominated by Joel Whitmer:

Matt has improved so much in the last year. If there is someone you want to model giving 100% off of, model it after Matt. By far, he most exemplifies 100% PASSION FOR CLIENT SUCCESS. And in his current role, that involves external clients pretty heavily as well as internal clients pretty heavily. He cares so much about helping people learn and helping people improve. He is not afraid to hold those around him to his high standards. In addition, his interactions with clients and projects really show his 100% PASSION FOR CLIENT SUCCESS.

Nominated by Andrew Barfield:

Matt has applied 100% effort to CUSTOMER SERVICE and TEAMwork this past month. He has worked a lot of extra hours and stays late very often to make sure all his clients, including focus internal clients, are taken care of. He juggles a lot of different assignments and requests but makes sure 100% of them are done on time. He is a great TEAMmate for everyone in the structural department!