Mar 28, 2022

Employee of the Month February 2022

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Winner: Ashley Eatough
Nominated by Julian McNeil Jones and Stacy Malone

Nomination #1:  Although Ashley has not been at FOCUS very long, I see her making great strides at giving 100% to her TEAM’s success. Ashley has already made progress at leading up the chain, and buying in to the FOCUS culture. Her contribution in FSB is cool to watch, and you can tell already she has developed a PASSION FOR CLIENT SUCCESS and greatness of FOCUS. She’s been working a ton of hours lately and doing her very best to catch up and get a head of projects so that her vacation absence isn’t a burden to her team. This PASSION FOR HER CLIENTS’ SUCCESS is impressive, especially from a newer employee. Keep up the great work, Ashley!

Nomination #2:  I’ve observed how important PASSION FOR CLIENT SUCCESS is to Ashley, and giving the very BEST CUSTOMER SERVICE. She has been challenged with taking on bigger responsibilities and has faced those with 100% GRIT, hard work and EXTREME OWNERSHIP to keep focus CLIENTS HAPPY. Go Ashley!


Runner-Up: Dovetta Flowers
Nominated by Christian Broberg

Dovetta has demonstrated the FOCUS tenets of CUSTOMER SERVICE and TEAM. Earlier this month, I was asked to schedule a number of recurring meetings for our department. After discussing our options with a team member, we approached Dovetta and sought her help. Dovetta immediately displayed the highest regard for CUSTOMER SERVICE by stopping whatever she was doing to help us find times that would work in connection with the company’s busy schedule. She offered quality ideas to help us problem solve where rooms could not be scheduled. She showed her commitment to TEAM by helping us see that our meeting times were a part of a larger whole, and how they could fit with other departments so as to keep order among the company. When it came time to schedule the meetings, she accompanied me to my desk and walked me through the scheduling process so that I would know moving forward. Her help was instrumental that morning! For these reasons, Dovetta deserves your vote for Employee of the Month.