Apr 9, 2021

Employee of the Month: January 2021

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Winner: Dovetta Flowers
Nominated by Stacy Malone:

I really appreciate Dovetta’s attitude and willingness to do anything for our people. She applies 100% of herself every day to FOCUS’ success and consistently demonstrates PASSION for internal CLIENT SUCCESS, particularly in helping them be as efficient as possible and not spend time on things that she can do instead. Dovetta’s commitment to CUSTOMER SERVICE is clear, as she is the first one to jump when someone asks what stinks in the fridge, smells like urine in the hallway, reports human defecation and prophylactics in the parking garage, happily cleans up the COVID-germs from exposed employee’s computers, and does all manner removal and disposal of questionable little black curly hairs from keyboards and workstations, all while having the courtesy to make it to the garbage can to dry heave. Dovetta—you are the best!


Runner-Up: Ryan Hopkins
Nominated by Ben Duzett:

Ryan has only been with FOCUS for a short while, but he is already a vital part of our team. Ryan embodies many principles that we learn in extreme ownership. He takes extreme ownership of whatever project comes across his desk. He works hard and wants everything to be right and, as a result, has a great attention to detail to his work. Ryan puts in the extra work to get projects done and meet deadlines without ever having to be asked. Ryan has put a great effort into working with QAQC to learn and to grow. For these reasons, Ryan deserves to be employee of the month.

Ryan is exhibiting a couple of our core values. The first is his 100% focus on TEAM. Ryan is completely dedicated to the success of the FOCUS Team. He often stays late or comes in early without ever having to be asked to make sure the team is successful on our projects and that our clients are successful. I have also been thrilled with his ability and willingness to COMMUNICATE at 100%—yet another way he ensures success. He asks the right questions and is always willing to call cities and communicate the necessary information. He has been 100% in his willingness to learn, grow, and exhibit the FOCUS Core Values.