Feb 28, 2022

Employee of the Month January 2022

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Winner: Bodhi Barney
Nominated by Christian Uahinui

I am honored to nominate one of the #backsightboyz for his CONSTANT IMPROVEMENT AND GROWTH. On many occasions, Bodhi has showcased his commitment to the FOCUS Core Ideology. Most recently, Bodhi was trusted to handle a house staking emergency in Hideout, a drive that would take over 1.5 hours and a reasonable cause for concern regarding MT rate. He did this without hesitation and put the TEAM’s reputation on his back. Hideout allowed him to display his INTEGRITY to CUSTOMER SERVICE and his exceptional COMMUNICATION. Bodhi made sure our client had everything they needed to run a successful project while maintaining complete ownership of the tasks in front of him. He demonstrated his understanding of the hedgehog concept and how it aligns with FOCUS’ Mission to KEEPING CLIENTS HAPPY. Bodhi is someone I trust to lead by example. His example demonstrates that FOCUS is a Better Place for Client Relationships, People Development, and an overall Better Place. Thank you, Bodhi! ‘Preciate ya!


Runner-Up: Matt Christensen
Nominated by Jacob Holmes

I have overheard Matt on the phone with his clients and he is a great example of 100% COMMUNICATION! Matt takes the time to understand his clients and find solutions tailored to their needs. He has shown his clients that they can count on him for anything. This month he even went to a late-night planning commission ON HIS BIRTHDAY! Talk about PASSION FOR CLIENT SUCCESS! Matt has really stepped into his role here at FOCUS. He’s also a great TEAM member, and takes time to mentor and help those around him grow in both their technical and soft skills. Way to go Matt!