Sep 14, 2021

Employee of the Month July 2021

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Winner: Carmen Saunders
Nominated by Travis Benson

There have been several times this past month where she has come to me with concerns about specific design that she had noticed during staking layout. She has shown 100% PASSION FOR CLIENT SUCCESS (in this case it was the contractor, the project owner, FOCUS, and myself who were her clients.) Because of her attention to detail and PASSION FOR HER CLIENTS’ SUCCESS, she took the time to bring her concerns to me. We were able to address the items in a timely manner. I was on site today and the constructed product is so much better because of her great COMMUNICATION about these potential issues. Thank you Carmen!


Runner-Up: Adrian Moreno
Nominated by Curtis Ball

The FOCUS definition of GREAT is “CONSTANT IMPROVEMENT AND GROWTH” and I have watched Adrian consistently strive to learn and improve at his craft. He listens to suggestions, and when I review subsequent plans, I can see that he has implemented those suggestions. He asks questions and seeks to understand the “why” of our standards and procedures. I feel like he is hungry to learn and improve, and I’ve noticed tremendous improvement in the 10 months he has been here. He embodies the FOCUS tenets, and I see a bright future for Adrian here.