Aug 31, 2022

Employee of the Month July 2022

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Winner: Anthony Musimbi
Nominated by Alex Hall

During the Month of July, a lot of our TEAM had time off. Through the whole month as people were gone, Anthony made sure to COMMUNICATE with the rest of us on what his clients needed. There was a week where Tui was on vacation, and pretty much every day Anthony held a take 5 with our TEAM. He showed EXTREME OWNERSHIP and PASSION FOR HIS CLIENTS’ SUCCESS, making sure that we were all on the same page about client needs, expectations, and due dates. He COMMUNICATED well so we all knew what projects were highest priority.

Nominated by Jason Barker

Anthony had a great opportunity to step up and really help his TEAM in July as the group faces several people gone throughout the month for vacations, etc. I watched Anthony’s commitment to the TEAM as he took on new responsibilities and additional workload. He also gave 100% effort to CUSTOMER SERVICE and PASSION FOR CLIENT SUCCESS as he had an increase in opportunity to interact with clients and resolve issues that would have normally been handled by his manager. Good job Anthony. Your 100% commitment to the success of your TEAM was recognized this month. Way to go!


Runner-Up: Matt Christensen
Nominated by Justin Lundberg

Matt came to me on a particular project that was very time sensitive. He did a great job at showing PASSION FOR OUR CLIENT’S SUCCESS by being able to relay all of the information and get all the right people on a phone call to solve the situation to help our client. We were able to get the client what they needed and help them out of a jam. Thank you, Matt, for all that you do to help BUILD A BETTER PLACE AT FOCUS.