Aug 1, 2022

Employee of the Month June 2022

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Winner: Cory Thompson
Nominated by Collette Davis

Cory has filled the shoes of being the main person to take CS calls. With every call he takes, he is 100% enthusiastic and delivers the BEST CUSTOMER SERVICE. He is willing to solve any problem at any time because of his 100% PASSION FOR CLIENT SUCCESS. Not only is he passionate about external clients’ success, but his passion for internal clients’ success is shown by his excellent COMMUNICATION with Admin and his team. Cory has also been BUILDING A BETTER PLACE by training a few of his TEAM members, and they have shown the same enthusiasm and dedication as him because of his training. Thank you Cory for everything you do!


Runner-Up: Rusten Tauteoli
Nominated by Lynn Gray and Christian Broberg

Nomination #1: I have seen Rusten jump into a full-time employee with additional responsibilities with 100% commitment. While working with him as he was given the responsibility of solar letters, I have seen him display all of FOCUS’ Tenets, but the one I feel that he has shown multiple times and in an impressive way, is good COMMUNICATION.

Rusten took on ES Solar as a client about a month ago. There were some email problems during the transition, which risked losing individual requests (orders for solar letters). In addition, the client changed their protocol, which greatly increased our time to service them. It quickly turned into a messy situation. The client noticed, too. Rusten was completely on top of finding solutions. He COMMUNICATED internally (multiple times) to locate the problem and fix it. He COMMUNICATED through emails and phone calls with the client, not only to make sure they were HAPPY CLIENTS and felt we were doing a good job, but in a way that worked for FOCUS, too. (Finding a working solution between their new protocol and our time commitment.) He is someone who gives 100% to BEING THE BEST AT CUSTOMER SERVICE.

I’ve worked with Rusten on other projects and he always takes the time to COMMUNICATE the directions, expectations, timelines, etc., clearly. In this way, he shows is PASSIONATE ABOUT CLIENT SUCCESS.

Because Rusten takes EXTREME OWNERSHIP of his projects, he COMMUNICATES thoroughly to help ensure CLIENT SUCCESS. He works hard to make his CLIENTS HAPPY—and ES Solar is! He is worthy of EOM. Well done, Rusten!

Nomination #2: I am nominating Rusten for employee of the month for demonstrating 100% efforts in CUSTOMER SERVICE and COMMUNICATION. The Structural Department has a solar client with an established relationship. We have worked together to provide their product for a while now. Rusten was recently given this client relationship to manage. Changes were made on the clients end that made our process more tedious and costly. In an effort to provide our client with the very best product, and in an attempt to look out for his TEAM, Rusten set up a call with the client’s project manager. He listened to their needs, made intelligent suggestions about new standards of procedure that would increase efficiency. He COMMUNICATED the results with us to ensure everyone was on the same page. I was blown away with Rusten’s COMMUNICATION and CUSTOMER SERVICE. He went above and beyond in this instance and deserves your vote as employee of the month.