May 7, 2021

Employee of the Month March 2021

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Winner: Christian Uahinui
Nominated by Cory Thompson

Christian is giving 100% of himself to the work. He is stepping up and out to help the team. We have had a big change in the CS department with Justin leave to survey. Christian is taking on more responsibility than before. He is always training to be the next lead for the CS crew. He has been a great mentor for our team and is the real deal. Christian has PASSION for our CLIENTS and our TEAM SUCCESS and sees the bigger picture and the true goal of what FOCUS wants. He has earned the respect of his team and is a great example of what FOCUS wants.

Nominated by Cole Finan

When I think about what it means to give 100% dedication, I think of our boy from the islands. Christian applies consistent effort to make everyone around him realize their full potential. He is a true personification of the FOCUS Core Values.

One way to judge a leader is to see what they tolerate. Christian does not tolerate substandard performance, but he doesn’t come across as a cold person (quite the opposite, actually). He has the ability to apply pressure and high expectations while remaining incredibly friendly and approachable. Christian uses the relationships he’s created to pass on knowledge within our department, which makes us better as a whole. Without a doubt, Christian is a key player at Focus.

Christian goes above and beyond for our clients. He is regularly broadening his skillset to become an extremely well-rounded crew chief and provide a more extensive range of services for those we work with. Whatever, whenever, however; he gives 100% to CUSTOMER SERVICE and his TEAM. Thank you for leading by example, and for being such a positive influence!


Runner-Up: Mariah Paez
Nominated by Park Sorenson

Mariah is proving herself to be an invaluable asset to not only the accounting team but to FOCUS as a whole. She is 100% TEAM! She does her job well and always does it with a smile on her face. She is so helpful in gathering data and making sure the numbers are accurate. I was super impressed with Mariah very recently as she demonstrated very high EQ in dealing with a personnel issue on her team. Mariah guards FOCUS’ core ideology and practices our Core Values in 100% of what she does. She is 100% dedicated to the FOCUS TEAM, and it is noticed. Thank you, Mariah, for all you do to make this a better place. I hope you win. You deserve it.

Nominated by Stacy Malone

Mariah has really been a leader on the accounting team. She has a high level of INTEGRITY and expects it back 100%. As a non-production employee, she brings value to FOCUS every day by her EFFICIENCY and is 100% all-in on her COMMUNICATION of expectations and holding others accountable. Keep up the great work, Mariah!