Apr 27, 2022

Employee of the Month March 2022

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Winner: Chad Garner
Nominated by Tom Romney and Seth Vance

Nomination #1: Chad has shown a lot of extra effort as of late to show EXTREME OWNERSHIP of projects and his ability to manage a project. After Paul Hilbig had a meeting with the city, this is the text he sent me: “Chad killed it on the site plan for twin. Great Job.” Thank you Chad, these are my favorite texts from a client. Some backstory that makes this extra special is that the timeframe to complete this apartment site plan was tight and on the morning of the meeting with the city, Paul asked for some major re-design and Chad had about 30 minutes to make the changes.

Nomination #2: Over the last month, Chad has continued to demonstrate EXTREME OWNERSHIP, GRIT, and passion for keeping CLIENTS HAPPY and making their projects successful (PASSION FOR CLIENT SUCCESS). He has taken EXTREME OWNERSHIP of more administrative related items in our department including Billings, AR, Proposal Writing, and running SI meetings. He’s learning a lot and pushing himself to CONSTANTLY IMPROVE AND GROW. Chad does a lot of good things for FOCUS, and something of note from this month is that he made an active effort to avoid a “genius” mentality on a week when things were particularly heavy. Rather than lifting alone, he asked for help from the TEAM and we were able to rally and support each other. Great job Chad! You’ve got my vote!


Runner-Up: Cory Thompson
Nominated by Connor Llewelyn

Cory has shown that he is 100% on the FOCUS TEAM. Cory has had to make some hurdles while he has been here at FOCUS to learn and adapt to the culture. I know Cory is giving his 100% to understanding and embracing the core ideology. Cory has also been asked to make some changes to fill in some gaps in the Construction Staking team and has been 100% willing to do what is best for the TEAM. Cory, you deserve EOM.