May 23, 2023

FOCUS Platinum Employees: March 2023

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Our Employee of the Month awards are employee-driven. Nominations are made by employees who witness exceptional performance that goes beyond expectations. The nominations are then subjected to employee voting, and the top two nominees are awarded Employee of the Month and Runner-Up.

Additionally, we align our nominations with the current company theme, which is PLATINUM. We ask employees to identify examples of PLATINUM properties in their colleagues’ behavior and link their nominations to those properties. These include being Malleable, Bonding Easily, possessing Antineoplastic Properties, being Resistant to Corrosion, having High Melting and Boiling Points, and being Highly Valuable, Desirable, and Rare. We are proud to highlight our employees who go above and beyond to embody our company culture and make a positive impact on our clients and our team.


Winner: Tiffanee Reynolds
Nominated by Dovetta Flowers

Tiffanee has shown this month how HIGHLY VALUABLE, DESIRABLE, AND RARE she is to FOCUS as she has enhanced her capabilities and taken opportunities to increase her productivity. Have you ever seen your department’s KPI from HR? Tiffanee generates and designs these HR KPI’s for all the departments and has revamped and individualized the data specific to each department. She holds us all accountable for our accuracy of time submitted as necessary to have correct data submitted for payroll. In addition to all her MANY responsibilities, Tiffanee continues to improve herself and the team as she strives to adhere to the FOCUS Core Ideology every single day! We are so glad she is on OUR TEAM even though her efforts contribute to the success of the entire FOCUS team. Go Tiff!


Runner-Up: Pam Ledesma
Nominated by Chris Benson

Pam has earned an automatic nomination by virtue of special appreciation expressed from Spencer Connelly of LGI. Spencer took the time out of his busy schedule to email me to make sure I knew how appreciative he was of Pam’s excellent Customer Service and being MALLEABLE in resolving a billing request that allowed him to be successful within his responsibilities at LGI. From Spencer: “I wanted to give a shout out to Pam Ledesma. We had some specific requests on invoices and Pam really gave excellent customer service until the issue was resolved. I really appreciate how Pam handled this.” All in a typical day’s work for Pam. It’s not hard to see why PAM is found throughout PlAtinuM. (See how the letters P, A, & M are all there. First, last and in the middle).