Jun 28, 2021

Employee of the Month May 2021

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Winner: Tim Atwood
Nominated by Justin Lundberg

Recently, Tim was asked to survey a difficult project that would require a lot of extra work to be placed on his shoulders. Tim was willing to give 100% of himself to help us reach a deadline. Tim is always coming in early and staying late to help his team members. Tim gives 100% of himself to the TEAM every day. Thank you, Tim, for all that you do.


Runner-Up: Eric Winters
Nominated by Curtis Ball

Eric has been carrying a ridiculous workload and giving 100% effort for so long that we just take him for granted. Not only does he shoulder that crushing workload with a cheerful attitude, he also manages the Site Civil Commercial group (extra meetings, stress) and conducts ongoing training and mentoring of four younger designers and EITs on his team. His patience, COMMUNICATION, and 100% commitment to his TEAM and his clients is awe-inspiring. FOCUS would not be what it is today without Eric and his fantastic clients, and the reason his CLIENTS are so loyal to him is because of his personal dedication to keep them HAPPY. Please take a moment to vote, and to show Eric that we recognize and appreciate his amazing contribution to FOCUS and his deep commitment to the success and HAPPINESS of his CLIENTS and his TEAM.