Jul 5, 2022

Employee of the Month May 2022

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Winner: Carson Griffin
Nominated by Christian Uahinui

Many of the projects Carson has been trusted to be a part of has resulted in making FOCUS a better engineering and surveying firm, delivering the BEST CUSTOMER SERVICE for our clients, and BUILDING A BETTER PLACE.

CUSTOMER SERVICE is something I’ve seen Carson provide in top-tier form. His consulting does well to deliver a successful product and provides the BEST CUSTOMER SERVICE. Carson has been a quality individual that improves the TEAM around him, inclusive of our clients and entities associated with our projects. Many of these tenets could not be possible without his frequent COMMUNICATION. Through his COMMUNICATION, Carson has been able to balance life living in Payson with his wife and newborn baby, school, his passions, and everything this TEAM asks. That is something I truly admire.

Thanks, Griffy, for your integrity and your 100% you devote to this TEAM. ‘Preciate ya!


Runner-Up: Alex Hall
Nominated by Park Sorenson

Alex is an intern here at FOCUS, but that has not stopped him from demonstrating EXTREME OWNERSHIP and eagerness to LEARN and GROW. I am so impressed by his ability to understand, correct, and produce high quality products for his clients. The thing I love most about Alex is his great attitude and vulnerability. He is never defensive or looking for excuses. He understands how to lean on experience and learn from mistakes. His eagerness to become GREAT through CONSTANT IMPROVEMENT AND GROWTH is evident and he will be a great asset to FOCUS for years to come. Thanks for all you do Alex.