Dec 20, 2021

Employee of the Month October 2021

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Winner: Wes Prime
Nominated by Cole Finan

I recently got a call from a client in a difficult situation. Despite our client being in a frustrating situation, he told me that he wanted to recognize the work that Wes did for him. Wes was able to sort through conflicting information and provide a constructable solution. Strong work, friend. Wes makes the best out of every situation, and shows legitimate PASSION FOR THE SUCCESS OF OUR CLIENTS. I believe very strongly that Wes embodies many of the values that we all strive for. He is always going the extra mile, teaching others effectively, and maintaining a strong positive attitude through it all. Wes has shown his dedication to our FOCUS team consistently, and it has really helped to keep our CLIENTS HAPPY. We should feel very lucky to have a guy like Wes on our TEAM. He displays the attributes of a strong leader, and I’m excited to see where those attributes take him at FOCUS. Final note, Wes was recently promoted to Crew Chief. Give him a firm handshake (or a hug, you do you) and an “atta boy” next time you see him!


Runner-Up: Chad Price
Nominated by Tim Atwood

Chad has been showing 100% CUSTOMER SERVICE every single day. Chad displays characteristics that you would expect from a guy with his personality: courage, bravery, an uncanny ability to kill snakes, Chad does it all. Chad has also been giving 100% of himself by coming in on Saturdays and helping move projects along to keep our CLIENTS HAPPY. He has been a great mentor to our new field crew members, and he does a great job in focusing on how to help them develop. He is a major asset to our department, and he goes Over the Top to make everyone around him successful (PASSION FOR CLIENT SUCCESS). Thanks Chad!