Dec 6, 2022

Employee of the Month October 2022

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Winner: Dennis Jordan
Nominated by Ben Duzett

Dennis has been a huge addition to our TEAM. He is dedicated to the success of the team and our clients. He has shown 100% PASSION FOR CLIENT SUCCESS including those on our TEAM by stepping up and volunteering to take on difficult tasks. Please vote for Dennis for employee of the month as he has been putting in 100% dedication. His dedication to our core ideology is evident in his daily actions. Recently we had some holes that needed filling within our department. Dennis quickly filled in those holes without having to be asked and is finding a way to accomplish them through the genius of the AND. Dennis has stepped up as a mentor and a teacher and is helping us build our TEAM. Thank you, Dennis, for all of your hard work and dedication.


Runner-Up: Gabriela Maldonado
Nominated by Joel Whitmer

Gaby Maldonado has exemplified EXTREME OWNERSHIP and PASSION FOR CLIENT SUCCESS extremely well. We have had a couple of people leave the department this year and Gaby was handed 3-4 projects that had quite a few problems from the people that had left. Gaby took EXTREME OWNERSHIP and showed great TEAM by owning these projects, despite the problems, and doing everything she could to keep the CLIENT HAPPY. Not only that, but she orchestrated a fantastic Salsa dancing night that brought people together and built new relationships and solidified existing relationships! A vote for Gaby is a vote for Salsa!