Nov 7, 2021

Employee of the Month September 2021

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Winner: Christian Uahinui
Nominated by Dovetta Flowers

Christian is a great example of giving 100% CUSTOMER SERVICE in his words and actions for all of his clients. He shows 100% TEAM—when a TEAM member who report to Christian calls him for help with a project, he follows up with questions instead of just giving them a solution to fix it. He takes the time to listen to them and help them understand the WHY behind what they were doing. Christian is also great example to others with his COMMUNICATION and always with a positive attitude. I’ve heard Christian speak with several different clients, and you can hear the relationships he has developed with each one of them in his interactions. Thank you, Christian, for giving a 100% in all that you do!


Runner-Up: Natalie Perez
Nominated by Ashley Eatough

She is constantly looking for ways that she is able to help uplift her internal and external clients. PASSION FOR CLIENT SUCCESS is a primary focus for her. She supports her TEAM in all that they are doing and truly wants to watch them succeed. She COMMUNICATES both internally and externally to make sure that expectations are being met. She stays late and works diligently showing her PASSION FOR CLIENT SUCCESS.