Nov 2, 2022

Employee of the Month September 2022

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Winner: Steve Ostler
Nominated by Cassidy Pickering

Steve’s CUSTOMER SERVICE is truly amazing! He is always willing to help take calls or answer questions, and he is great at COMMUNICATING with clients. Even when having difficult conversations and talking about deadlines and expectations, he takes EXTREME OWNERSHIP and does what it takes to keep our CLIENTS HAPPY. While mentoring, I see how Steve is incredibly patient and is great at giving directions and following up with his TEAM. The Structural Department is crazy busy and to see how Steve is always taking care of his internal and external clients is something to recognize, he definitely has PASSION FOR HIS CLIENTS’ SUCCESS.


Runner-Up: Dovetta Flowers
Nominated by Lynn Gray

I am nominating Dovetta this month because I know that organizing something like the upcoming dinner and play activity takes an extraordinary amount of time, COMMUNICATION, and CUSTOMER SERVICE (the internal employees are her customers for this). Her efforts to have this activity be successful is a great example of her FOCUS on the TEAM. While building the TEAM as a whole, she also helps each individual TEAM-member whenever possible. Everyone knows he or she can go to Dovetta and she will help solve the problem with 100% commitment. She is constantly displaying FOCUS-QUALITY CUSTOMER SERVICE and FOCUS is a better company with her as a part of it. Additionally, Dovetta has taken on more responsibilities as her team has grown and has done it without missing a beat. Once again, she lives the tenet of FOCUS on TEAM. Dovetta is talented and can just about do it all, but she has shown her commitment is to FOCUS, training others to do the work well. Her ambition has been for the greatness of the work and the company, rather than focusing on her own ambition. She isn’t trying to be the genius here, but rather to part of a TEAM of talented individuals. This unsung hero deserved a vote for EOM!