Apr 12, 2021

In FOCUS: Scott Dawes, CAD Services

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CAD Manager Scott Dawes spent the early days of his adulthood exploring a variety of work types to find the one he knew he would enjoy long-term—in a sense, creating his niche. “I stumbled through many different types of jobs that could have turned into amazing careers, but I was not enjoying the work as much as I had hoped. I have always been interested in architecture and engineering, so when I learned I could do a little bit of both as a CAD Designer, I was sold,” Scott shared.

A Rewarding Blend of Meaning and Fun

Now, with five years of CAD design experience under his belt (four of which have been serving FOCUS clients), Scott finds himself not only having fun, but also finding meaning in the work he does every day, using both AutoCAD and Revit, a 3D modeling program. Recognizing how critical drafting is to architectural and engineering design, Scott enjoys the efficiency of the drafting software, as well as the engineering programs he uses to perform “every type of analysis you can think of.”

Equipped with these resources and a genuine passion for what he does, Scott can typically be found drafting for the FOCUS structural department. He primarily works on residential and commercial projects such as townhomes and single-family homes. “I enjoy seeing really unique plans and figuring out how the building is going to work structurally.”

When asked about a unique or exciting project he has worked on, Scott said it was a surgical center he was recently involved with. “It had really cool architectural aspects and challenging structural aspects. The project was done in Revit, so I was able to see the 3D model and add the structural elements in the 3D model.” He said that while these types of projects are always challenging, they’re always fun in the end. “I have worked on some pretty awesome projects,” exclaimed Scott.

Fully FOCUS’ed

In reflecting on what has made him enjoy his career so much, Scott said FOCUS has a lot to do with it. FOCUS follows the Hedgehog Concept, a business strategy introduced by Jim Collins in his book Good to Great, where companies focus intensely on three key areas: what it can be the best in the world at, what it is deeply passionate about, and what drives its economic engine.

For FOCUS, this includes being the best at customer service and deeply passionate about success for its clients. Scott believes the FOCUS niche truly is keeping their clients happy. “We focus on client success and providing the best customer service we can. This is very different than other engineering firms, because engineers are primarily focused on being the best at engineering. While that is still true, to work at FOCUS is to embrace not only focusing on your skillset but serving our clients to the highest level possible.”

Niches, fun, dedication, and excellent customer service? We agree with Scott that this describes the FOCUS way well!