Jun 1, 2022

In FOCUS: Anthony Musimbi, CAD Designer | CAD Services

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After graduating from college in Fall 2020, Anthony spent a lot of time on job search platforms looking for positions he was interested in and qualified for. He came across a CAD Designer position posted by FOCUS and applied. After interviewing, Anthony was enticed by the people and culture of the firm as well as dedication of every employee to make clients happy and grow the company.

As a member of the CAD Services team, Anthony primarily works on home site grading plans. Drawn to the precision of design, he enjoys all the details of providing individual plans for every single lot in a given subdivision. He also relishes the diversity of projects the CAD Services team comes across. “From small production single family homes to multimillion dollar custom homes, it’s always a pleasure to work on these projects,” he shares. “It brings great satisfaction when the project is done and done perfectly.”

Anthony has observed the department excels at communicating, taking into consideration all the details and client comments. “We like to ask what details they need to see on the site plan,” he explains. Team members also hold each other accountable for their actions and work within the workplace.

This communication and collaboration between FOCUS departments—especially with FOCUS Survey and Site Civil-Residential departments—results in stronger client relationships. “Client satisfaction is always our priority and building strong relationships is the way to achieve it,” summarizes Anthony.