Jun 14, 2023

Design Matters: Controlling Stormwater with Grading Plans

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With record breaking winter snowpack and spring runoff in Utah this year, controlling stormwater flows is especially top-of-mind. A conversation with Tui Siliva, a CAD Designer at FOCUS specializing in residential grading plans, offers some professional insight into how a residential grading plan can control and facilitate proper drainage and help avoid flooding. Grading Plan […]

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Oct 26, 2022

In FOCUS: Michael Grant, Intern | Transportation

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Michael Grant is a transportation intern at FOCUS who has been with us since last spring. His work involves traffic studies for new residential and commercial developments that are being built throughout the state—with some road design projects on the side. “Transportation engineering is interesting because it is such a big part of everyone’s lives. […]

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Sep 28, 2022

Design Matters: Developing Mountain Terrain

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What We’ve Learned About Building on Hillsides As available open land in Utah and Idaho valleys becomes scarcer, developers and homeowners are looking to the hills to construct homes. Hillsides are often coveted locations for homeowners because they offer desirable views and can have better access to natural recreation opportunities. For a developer, the potential […]

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Aug 17, 2022

In FOCUS: Cody Adair, CAD Designer | CAD Services

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From the time he first began working with CAD programs in junior high, Cody Adair knew what he wanted to do for a career. While pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Engineering Technology he continued using CAD programs and came to marvel at the capability of viewing the smallest of details to hundreds or more acres.  […]

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Jun 15, 2022

Project Spotlight: Coyote Ridge

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Coyote Ridge is a mixed-use residential development in the rapidly growing area along US-40. Working with Jason Wallace of the ICO Companies, a group of businesses focused on commercial and multi-family real estate in Utah, FOCUS was hired to provide detailed drawings and elevations for 24 townhomes.  Project Manager Tui Siliva and his team managed […]

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Jun 1, 2022

In FOCUS: Anthony Musimbi, CAD Designer | CAD Services

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After graduating from college in Fall 2020, Anthony spent a lot of time on job search platforms looking for positions he was interested in and qualified for. He came across a CAD Designer position posted by FOCUS and applied. After interviewing, Anthony was enticed by the people and culture of the firm as well as […]

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Apr 23, 2021

Design Matters: The Impacts and Challenges of Utah’s Housing Boom

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Civil Engineering for Today’s Residential Development Nationwide, home sales have skyrocketed, particularly because of the pandemic. As more people seek less urban living environments—away from masses of people (particularly those relocating from California to Utah)—our beautiful state has certainly experienced the ripple effects of the housing boom. Throughout the state, developments are changing to meet […]

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Mar 26, 2021

The Ups And Downs of Residential Earthworks

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Grading and Excavation for Homes: Finding the Balance As a successful professional engineering consulting firm, FOCUS has a well-rounded knowledge of all facets of engineering and its accompanying challenges. One such aspect of every engineering project is earthworks, which is the process of evaluating a project’s current topography and soil types then designing the project […]

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