Dec 15, 2021

In FOCUS: Chris Benson, CPA | Accounting Department Manager

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At FOCUS, our approach to finance and operations is as important as the quality of our design documents. That’s why we have Chris Benson leading our Accounting Department. His practical approach to accounting and expertise with tax law, financial statements, and databases helps FOCUS technical staff focus on what they do best (engineering, planning, surveying, and drafting), while he and his team drive efficiency, ensure compliance, and boost financial operations.

Chris joined FOCUS in 2016 after spending ten years in civil construction and another five years in public accounting. He lived in Las Vegas, working part-time as a professional accountant while working full-time for a general engineering contractor specializing in earthwork. His CAD experience piqued the interest of department manager Travis Benson. When general manager Ron Paul saw his Certified Public Accountant licensure, Ron sensed Chris might be a good fit to lead an accounting department. The opportunity to move back to Utah, utilize his accounting background, and stay in the civil construction world appealed to Chris, and he joined the FOCUS team.

For the past five years, Chris has enjoyed the challenge of working at a growing, full-service civil engineering firm. He works with all FOCUS departments and our team of trusted professional service providers. “The great thing about FOCUS is that although the bottom line is a significant measure of financial success, the company is driven to achieve success for our clients,” Chris shares.

While he doesn’t get much face time with external clients, he enjoys meeting with their accounting departments to find better ways to engage with them and serve their needs. “We put ourselves in their shoes as we serve and consult with them,” he says. “We realize the often-unnecessary bureaucracy associated with accounting. It’s my goal not to burden a company or client with minutia that may make it easier for my team but more complicated for them.”

He and his team are excited to roll out a new online payment portal. While Chris believes many of our residential clients will appreciate the convenience of online payment, he hopes some of them will still call in. Chris finds value in asking clients about our processes and where we can improve.