Sep 27, 2023

Design Matters: Principles for Successful Developments

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Principles for Successful Developments: Balancing Aesthetics and Functionality Balancing aesthetics and functionality in land development planning is a challenging yet essential task. It is central to creating appealing, sustainable, and successful developments. Aesthetics bring beauty, character, and a sense of identity to a development. Architectural design, landscaping, and the integration of art and culture can […]

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Mar 14, 2023

Project Spotlight: Ridgeview Park

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Ridgeview Park is located in the center and main core of the proposed Ridgeview Development in Highland, Utah. The 4.8-acre park is just south of and adjacent to Lone Peak High School. “Ridgeview” is a great name FOCUS land planners and civil engineers could riff on. It conjured visuals and cultural context to help design […]

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Sep 28, 2022

Design Matters: Developing Mountain Terrain

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What We’ve Learned About Building on Hillsides As available open land in Utah and Idaho valleys becomes scarcer, developers and homeowners are looking to the hills to construct homes. Hillsides are often coveted locations for homeowners because they offer desirable views and can have better access to natural recreation opportunities. For a developer, the potential […]

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Dec 15, 2021

In FOCUS: Chris Benson, CPA | Accounting Department Manager

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At FOCUS, our approach to finance and operations is as important as the quality of our design documents. That’s why we have Chris Benson leading our Accounting Department. His practical approach to accounting and expertise with tax law, financial statements, and databases helps FOCUS technical staff focus on what they do best (engineering, planning, surveying, […]

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Jun 1, 2021

In FOCUS: MJ Tineo, Construction Staking

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Construction Staking Field Manager MJ Tineo remembers having an interest in the engineering and construction field at a very young age. In pursuit of his Bachelor of Science in Geology degree, which he obtained several years ago, he was in classes that allowed him to perform field mapping in several areas of Utah. It was […]

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Apr 23, 2021

Design Matters: The Impacts and Challenges of Utah’s Housing Boom

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Civil Engineering for Today’s Residential Development Nationwide, home sales have skyrocketed, particularly because of the pandemic. As more people seek less urban living environments—away from masses of people (particularly those relocating from California to Utah)—our beautiful state has certainly experienced the ripple effects of the housing boom. Throughout the state, developments are changing to meet […]

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Mar 26, 2021

The Ups And Downs of Residential Earthworks

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Grading and Excavation for Homes: Finding the Balance As a successful professional engineering consulting firm, FOCUS has a well-rounded knowledge of all facets of engineering and its accompanying challenges. One such aspect of every engineering project is earthworks, which is the process of evaluating a project’s current topography and soil types then designing the project […]

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