Oct 26, 2022

In FOCUS: Michael Grant, Intern | Transportation

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Michael Grant is a transportation intern at FOCUS who has been with us since last spring. His work involves traffic studies for new residential and commercial developments that are being built throughout the state—with some road design projects on the side.

“Transportation engineering is interesting because it is such a big part of everyone’s lives. People are constantly traveling,” he says. When it came to choosing this internship over others, he thought it would be “a good way to help people throughout the community,” and it is.

But helping the community wasn’t the only deciding factor. FOCUS as a firm played a part as well. “I really loved how FOCUS prioritizes building relationships and building one unified team. I also was enticed by the variety of departments that existed within the company.” His studies revolved around civil engineering, and he believed FOCUS would be able to provide perspectives outside of his department while still firmly within his wheelhouse.

“I really enjoy the people I am surrounded by,” he adds. “FOCUS truly has some of the most professional and fun people to work with. I will be forever grateful for the connections I have made here.”

To him, the transportation team’s strength comes out through its strong relationships with both external and internal clients. “We focus a lot of our attention on helping individuals, which I feel separates us from the rest of the field.” He enjoys the team’s positivity throughout all its projects.

His favorite project, he says, was the Bland Property in West Jordan. Several developments in the same area made for a complex and coordination-heavy challenge, and communication was essential. With tools like excel and AutoCAD—as well as the strengths of the team as a whole—the project came together.

Grant has been a winning influence at FOCUS, and we are proud to spotlight his presence and efforts. His collaborative energy is upstanding, and we’re grateful to have him on our team.