Jun 13, 2023

FOCUS Platinum Employees: April 2023

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Our Employee of the Month awards are employee-driven. Nominations are made by employees who witness exceptional performance that goes beyond expectations. The nominations are then subjected to employee voting, and the top two nominees are awarded Employee of the Month and Runner-Up.

Additionally, we align our nominations with the current company theme, which is PLATINUM. We ask employees to identify examples of PLATINUM properties in their colleagues’ behavior and link their nominations to those properties. These include being Malleable, Bonding Easily, possessing Antineoplastic Properties, being Resistant to Corrosion, having High Melting and Boiling Points, and being Highly Valuable, Desirable, and Rare. We are proud to highlight our employees who go above and beyond to embody our company culture and make a positive impact on our clients and our team.


Winner: Rebecca Musimbi
Nominated by Dustin Wapshott

Rebecca has demonstrated the PLATINUM property of BONDS EASILY (Building Relationships with others). When she was first starting, a challenge for her was to start talking to others and build relationships, and this month she has really shown how far she has come! She no longer hesitates to ask questions to other departments and has even reached out to a client for me when I was out of the office. Great job Rebecca, the effort you have put in towards building relationships with others this month has really started to show! VOTE FOR REBECCA!


Runner-Up: Christian Broberg
Nominated by Michael Ekenstam

Christian has shown that he is highly MALLEABLE as he has been working with LGI Homes over the past few months. I was working with him on these projects where the customer has given us some very tight and rigorous deadlines. Christian works hard to keep these deadlines even when obstacles arise, by staying late and having constant communication and planning. They are constantly making changes to the plans and Christian responds positively and works to get them what they want! As many of us know, Christian always sees the best in everyone and works to build relationships wherever he goes.

Nominated by Jason Watson

The way Christian interacts with his team has been a great example to me of someone that is really showing ANTI-NEOPLASTIC characteristics. You can really tell that Christian truly cares for his team. He is constantly working to build up his team and help them all get better each and every day. I overhead Christian working with his team and it was great to hear him praise them for the great work they are doing, and also provide feedback in a way that helps the team continue to improve. Christian listens very well to his team and allows them to provide input on their designs, which is a key factor in Communication. I have been very impressed with Christian and his skills to communicate effectively with his internal clients and also his external clients. Christian shows he would make for a great PLATINUM of the Month by the way he applies the FOCUS Core Ideology in his interactions with his team. Great work Christian.