Jul 3, 2023

FOCUS Platinum Employees: May 2023

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Our Employee of the Month awards are employee-driven. Nominations are made by employees who witness exceptional performance that goes beyond expectations. The nominations are then subjected to employee voting, and the top two nominees are awarded Employee of the Month and Runner-Up.
Additionally, we align our nominations with the current company theme, which is PLATINUM. We ask employees to identify examples of PLATINUM properties in their colleagues’ behavior and link their nominations to those properties. These include being Malleable, Bonding Easily, possessing Antineoplastic Properties, being Resistant to Corrosion, having High Melting and Boiling Points, and being Highly Valuable, Desirable, and Rare. We are proud to highlight our employees who go above and beyond to embody our company culture and make a positive impact on our clients and our team.


Winner: Steve Ostler
Nominated by Scott Dawes

I wanted to nominate Steve Ostler for PLATINUM of the Month because he has continuously demonstrated ANTINEOPLASTIC characteristics towards the CAD Services Department. He is always checking in and making sure that we understand coordination expectations and he is constantly going above and beyond to help out wherever he can. He has even helped out drafting in Revit because we had a bottleneck on some projects. I think he would be an excellent PLATINUM of the Month.


Runner-Up: Wade Edwards
Nominated by Colette Davis

Wade deserves PLATINUM of the Month because of his ability to make himself MALLEABLE. This year in Admin we have been trying to motivate and push you all to utilize TUSK as best as we can. Because of Wade’s customer service and strong passion for our Clients’ successes, he has truly made an effort to communicate with Admin through TUSK. We can always count on him to have his TUSK updated and it has greatly helped us improve our communication with our clients. VOTE FOR TOP TUSKER WADE!