FOCUS Platinum Employees: July 2023

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At FOCUS, we believe in acknowledging and celebrating exceptional performance by our employees. Our Platinum Employee of the Month awards program is entirely employee-driven, with nominations made by fellow colleagues who witness outstanding dedication and accomplishments that go above and beyond expectations. In this article, we are thrilled to highlight the achievements of two exceptional individuals: Alex Hall and Ashley Eatough.


Winner: Alex Hall—Demonstrating Passion for Client Success

During his manager’s absence, Alex Hall exemplified exceptional dedication and passion for client success. He displayed an impressive ability to handle a high volume of client phone calls efficiently and with utmost patience. Alex’s willingness to step up and provide outstanding assistance to clients showcases his exceptional qualities. His composure and professionalism in the face of pressure were truly remarkable.

Alex was nominated by Katie Noble.

Runner-Up: Ashley Eatough—Exemplifying Effective Communication and Coordination

Amidst server issues that impacted our work, Ashley Eatough demonstrated remarkable communication and coordination skills with a crucial client. Despite the challenging circumstances, she actively engaged with the client, understood their immediate needs, and went above and beyond to meet them. Ashley’s efforts not only resolved the situation but also strengthened her relationship with the client. We commend Ashley for her exceptional performance.

Ashley was nominated by Jason Barker.

We take pride in recognizing employees who embody our company culture and make a positive impact on our clients and team. Alex Hall and Ashley Eatough have demonstrated exceptional qualities that align with our values, and their contributions deserve recognition. By honoring their achievements, we aim to inspire and motivate our entire workforce to strive for excellence in their roles.