Mar 20, 2023

FOCUS Platinum Employees: January 2023

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Our Employee of the Month awards are employee-driven. Nominations are made by employees who witness exceptional performance that goes beyond expectations. The nominations are then subjected to employee voting, and the top two nominees are awarded Employee of the Month and Runner-Up.


Additionally, we align our nominations with the current company theme, which is PLATINUM. We ask employees to identify examples of PLATINUM properties in their colleagues’ behavior and link their nominations to those properties. These include being Malleable, Bonding Easily, possessing Antineoplastic Properties, being Resistant to Corrosion, having High Melting and Boiling Points, and being Highly Valuable, Desirable, and Rare. We are proud to highlight our employees who go above and beyond to embody our company culture and make a positive impact on our clients and our team.

Winner: Katie Noble
Nominated by Collette Davis

This month Katie fully stepped into the leadership role while Dovetta was on vacation. Because of her PASSION FOR CLIENT SUCCESS and HIGH BOILING POINT, she was able to take on new stressful responsibilities and execute them with a smile on her face. One of those responsibilities was to find FOCUS a new supply company. Katie has taken the time to build relationships with multiple vendors to ensure she finds the perfect fit for FOCUS. Katie strives to contribute to the success of FOCUS, vote for her for January PLATINUM of the Month!!!


Runner-Up: Austin White
Nominated by Ben Duzett

Austin has been given a wide array of clients and tasks to try to get done for different PMs and different clients. Austin has been highly MALLEABLE to jump right on whatever the client (both internal and external) needs. One specific example from this month has been Vivian Estates. Vivian Estates is a very difficult project, of which Austin had no experience before this month. He has jumped in and been HIGHLY VALUABLE in his approach to make sure we are keeping John Hadfield (our client) HAPPY. Austin has been a PLATINUM member of our team this month.