Jun 15, 2022

Project Spotlight: Coyote Ridge

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Coyote Ridge is a mixed-use residential development in the rapidly growing area along US-40. Working with Jason Wallace of the ICO Companies, a group of businesses focused on commercial and multi-family real estate in Utah, FOCUS was hired to provide detailed drawings and elevations for 24 townhomes. 

Project Manager Tui Siliva and his team managed the grading and drainage plans for the townhomes. Located along the base of Coyote Canyon, FOCUS paid close attention to ensure the units were stepped properly to work with existing site grades. “By bouncing ideas off one another, we were able to figure out where the units needed to have foundation steps while taking into account the buildings around it,” Tui explains.  

By providing the locations of the foundation steps, FOCUS helped ICO Companies develop the site properly to enable the project to progress.