May 6, 2024

Project Spotlight: Kiln Provo

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Celebrating Structural Ingenuity: Kiln Provo’s Architectural Triumph

In September 2023, Kiln Provo opened its doors, showcasing an impressive two-story, 38,500 square foot coworking space. This award-winning project, a collaboration between MiNT Architecture and FOCUS as the structural engineer, marks a milestone as the first flex-office space designed and built from the ground up.

Excellence in Structural Coordination and Design

The design of Kiln Provo leverages an exposed structural aesthetic. The wide, 13-foot windows flood the space with natural light, and 17-foot-high ceilings reveal a precisely engineered structure. This design not only meets functional needs but also aligns perfectly with the interior aesthetic, achieved through diligent coordination between all teams. The structural engineering team at FOCUS brought their expertise, thorough attention to detail, and proactive communication to ensure that the final structure met all expectations.

Adam Eastman, the production manager overseeing structural engineering, noted, “We navigated the complex balance between aesthetic vision and structural integrity. We ensured high-quality results that go beyond mere aesthetics to incorporate innovation and flexibility.”

Optimizing Performance Through Structural Engineering

A key challenge for FOCUS was to deliver on all project aspects within the set budget. To this end, the team employed value engineering to refine every design aspect. They ensured cost efficiency without compromising the visual impact. They offered several design options, enabling MiNT to make well-informed decisions that maintained design flexibility.

The project culminated in a seamless blend of design and functionality that fully satisfies the needs of its clients and users. Kiln Provo stands as a testament to the detailed and careful planning that defined this ambitious project.


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