Challenger School

Challenger School tasked FOCUS with the survey and site civil engineering work for its 7.5-acre campus in Sandy, Utah. This included roadway design for UDOT along 700 East, and full site design, including circulation plans for student drop off, playground and field grading, utility design (storm drain, sewer, water, power, and gas), parking lot design, and sidewalk routing.

The site’s significant slope, which falls 10 feet from east to west, presented challenges with storm water retention and ADA accessibility. The storm water outlet on 700 East was higher than the campus, so all storm water had to be retained on site. FOCUS utilized an underground storm water retention system to maximize the location of the building and playground. To ensure ADA accessibility, FOCUS designed an additional ramp to deal with the steep grade, and a raised, tabletop speedbump to maintain the sidewalk as an accessible route and to slow down traffic.


Client Challenger School
Location Sandy, Utah
Project Duration October 2019 - July 2021
Services Civil Engineering, Survey